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1.Provided food to 3lakh needy people and frontline warriors
2.Distribution of 1.45 lakh Tulsi plants.
3.provided food,refresh kits and water to over 15000+ migrant workers

Inspired by the request of PM Narendra Modi, to assist and donate to the ones in need, via the funds organized by the government or locally, amidst the Covid-19 crisis, two faces seemed to stand out. As the situation in Vizag worsened initially, the State Secretary of BJP AP, Kaasi Viswanatha Raju, and O Naresh Kumar of Symbiosis Technologies, decided to use their privilege and resources in helping out the daily wage workers or migrants, whose livelihood had been pulled apart by this pandemic.

Kaasi Viswanatha Raju and O Naresh Kumar contributed INR 10 lakhs each to the PM CARES fund, when it was announced as a relief fund to help those in need. They also encouraged their friends to contribute, which culminated in another INR 23,13,509. This total amount of INR 43,13,509 was coordinated by Uday K Patta, and then donated to the fund. But their generosity doesn’t stop there.

Lockdown 1 (March 25 to April 14):

Distributed 600 Liters of Milk and 1200 Vegetables Packets in 20 days, about 30 Liters of milk per day and 50 Vegetable Packets during Week Days and 100 during Weekends.Provided 100 Tube Lights and 80 Ceiling Fans as well as Medicines worth One Lakh to Central Prison.3500 Masks and 200 PPE Kits to KGH, Chest Hospital, LV Prasad Eye Hospital, and VIMS with participation from friends as well.

Lockdown 2 (April 15 to May 3, 2020):

1.A Massive #FeedtheNeedy Program covering all the 6 ZONES of GVMC Staff & Food Shelters as well as all the 6 Assembly Constituencies of Visakhapatnam providing 15000 to 18000 Food Packets daily distributed with the help of our BJP party cadres and volunteers, totaling almost 2,85,000 Food Packets during this period of three weeks.

2.In addition to this, we provided over 25,000 Bananas and 25,000 Butter Milk Packets in support of Farming and Dairy Industry as well.

3.Also provided 2000 Hygiene Kits each consisting of one set of Brush & Paste, Shampoo & Soap, Coconut Oil & Comb, Shave Foam & Razor, a well thought basic-need kit, hygienically packed in Pouches.

Lockdown 3 (May 4 to May 17, 2020):

1.LG Polymers Gas Leak Tragedy: Approximately 8,910 Food Packets, 5420 Butter Milk Packets, 800 Glucose, 10500 Drinking Water Packets and 1000 Water Bottles distributed for the victims and their attendants in KG Hospital and also to the evacuated/displaced people who were staying around Simhachalam and Gopalpatnam area.

2.Tulsi Plants: Distributing 30,000 Tulsi plants in all the 6 Assembly Constituencies of Visakhapatnam, as it is known for its air purifying and medicinal properties for respiratory disorders, which is important at this time of COVID-19 pandemic that affects the human lungs significantly.

3.Modi Kits: Distributing 2000 Modi Kits containing 5 Kg Rice and Dal to the poor party cadres who have lost their livelihood due to lockdown.

4.Migrants: Distributed 1000 Kg Beat Rice, 400 Kg Jaggery, 100 Kg Dal, 1000 Packets of 250 g of Dates, 500 Packets of 100 g Glucose and 500 Pain Relief Sprays and 3000 ORS Packets to the helpless Migrant Workers moving out of the Andhra Pradesh by trucks, bikes and by foot to their native places.

Lockdown 4 (May 18 to May 31, 2020):
Modi Kits: 1000 Modi Kits containing 5 Kg Rice and Dal distributed in addition to 2000 Modi Kits distributed earlier (3000 Modi Kits until today) to the poor party cadres who have lost their livelihood due to lockdown.

Hospitals: 500 Tiffin Sets Each Set with 4 Idly and 1 Dosa to Chest Hospital and Mental Hospital

For Migrants Leaving Andhra Pradesh by Shramik Special Trains to their native places
Day 1: 1400 Biscuit Packets and 300 Water Bottles
Day 2: 1400 Food Packets, 1400 Bread & Biscuit Packets, 1400 Water Bottles & 1000 Fresh Up Kits
Day 3: 700 Bread Packets, 700 Biscuit Packets, 700 Water Bottles and 700 Fresh Up Kits
Day 4: 600 Food Packets, 1400 Bread & 1200 Biscuit Packets, 1000 Fresh Up Kits & 1400 Water Bottles

Unlock 1 (June 1 to June 30, 2020):

Victoria (GOSHA) Hospital:
Day 1: 250 Bread Packets
Day 2: 250 Bread Packets

For Migrants Leaving Andhra Pradesh by Shramik Special Trains to their native places

Day 1: 700 Food Packets, 250 Bread & Biscuit Packets, 950 Water Bottles & 950 Fresh Up Kits

World Environmental Day – June 5, 2020

On the occasion of World Environmental Day, 10,000 Tree Saplings planted around LG Polymers Factory Area to improve the greenery as even trees were affected during Gas Leak incident.

A lot of people, like Kaasi Viswanatha Raju and O Naresh Kumar, are doing a commendable job by actively donating and contributing as much as they can in this time of need. It’s important for us, as a community, to come together and help out the ones less privileged than us. There are a lot of funds you can donate to, or you can also personally assist any local NGOs and do your part.

Vizag Samaritans reach out to the people in need - Hello Vizag


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