Vizagities did ‘Janata Curfew’ the right way.


As the PM announced that all the citizens should come out to their balconies and clap as a sign to pay heed to all the brave people out there like Doctors, Police, sanitation workers and media who are working 24/7, risking their lives so that the ‘janata’ can get access to all the basic facilities and we can live our lives.
With Janata Curfew been announced from 7 am to 9pm, Vizagites did follow the order respectfully. Roads, By lanes seemed deserted in the city with not even one soul wandering. People were all at their homes surrounded by their loved ones and having a resilient time.
With ‘NO’ – phone calls, Honk and blowing of horns, bikes racing on streets, people could hear the sound of Nature. Birds humming, winds hushing, Clear clouds with sun shining high in sky. It was a pretty scenario.
Though the streets were deserted and isolated, people were safe and feeling good at their homes. Varshini.M who was always busy attending classes and pepping for CAT classes said “After many years, I went on the terrace and I could hear Birds hooting and Butterflies flying all over. It was so fulfilling.”
In afternoon though it felt like Vizag is in a sweet sleep, it was brushed aside at 5 pm in the evening where rightfully all the citizens came at the their balconies and terrace with their plate and spoon and were clapping with a smile on their faces to pay respect to all the brave soldiers. Where in some of the other states and places people were on roads and dancing forgetting about the repercussions, Vizagities were wise and followed the protocol from their homes. It felt like all are united together and are ready to fight this out.
There was no bias, no religion, everybody fighting this together in an unison with #Indiacomestogether. The sound and the vibration of the ghanta and shank was chanting enough to boost the spirits of everyone. From children to adults to old people everybody were in it together.


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