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VMRDA plans subway connecting museums


A subway connecting the Kurusura and TU-142 museums on the beach road in Vizag comes under the active consideration of the Visakhapatnam Metro Region Development Authority (VMRDA) now. VMRDA officials discussed the construction of the subway from the Kurusura Submarine Museum on Beach Road to the opposite TU-142 aircraft museum as part of the weekend review.

VMRDA Commissioner P Koteswara Rao discussed the project proposal with the engineers and made several suggestions. Authorities were also directed to make arrangements to start traffic from NSTL to the airport, as well as from Gopalapatnam to Marripalem, from December 25 on the flyover constructed at NAD Junction.

Earlier, VMRDA had planned to construct a 2-km subway at the beach road in Vizag. The subway would help in reducing the traffic problem and allocate proper parking for the tourists who visit the place. The walkers on the beach road face problems as the vehicles occupy most of the area. During auspicious events conducted at the beach, the transport and traffic problems are at a high rate. With the addition of the TU-142 Aircraft Museum, the tourism, and footfall on the beach road increased to a large scale.

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