Waltair division of ECoR observes World Environment day


Emphasizing its commitment to green initiatives, Waltair Division of East Coast Railway, observed World Environment Day today (June-5) by organizing awareness  programme and  plantation programme in the Railway colonies to explore its future course of action to prevent pollution. The Division organized awareness campaign on Green Plantation with theme as “Preserve Biodiversity to save Human Race”.
More than 3,77,000 green saplings were planted in the Railway colonies, boundaries and along the track in 2019-20 and this year planned for more plantation drives. Posters and Banners were displayed to propagate the message of Environment Protection, Green Initiative, to avoid the usage of plastic and to preserve biodiversity to safe Human race.  Speaking on the occasion DRM said that “The celebration of this day provides us an opportunity to rethink on the sustainable environment and to adopt measures to save Biodiversity. Let us join hand to improve our quality of life by improving our environment, safeguarding Biodiversity hence saving human race”
Besides such initiatives the Division has under taken waste water recycling plant at Coach Care centre, BOOT laundry, a sewage treatment plant at Visakhapatnam railway station where the recycled water is used for washing and horticulture purpose. All the stations, Service Buildings, Residential staff quarters over the Division provided with LED light fittings to reduce power consumption. Rouli railway station has been electrified by rooftop Solar system (10 Kilo Watt Power), Four Service buildings were energized with Solar power etc for the cause of green initiative. This lead to reduction in 6,54,976 Kgs of Carbon-di-Oxide emissions. Further Automatic Coach Washing Plant, Use of Harvested Rain Water and Water audit done in every 6 months are special focus towards sustainable environment measures by Waltair Division.

Other initiatives such as In-House Production of Organic Fertiliser by Bio-decompose Green Bins and Green Pits, Segregation of Waste at Source by placing one set of dustbins for every 20metres on platforms,  Plastic Bag Exchange Programme with eco-friendly carry bags, Plastic bottle shredders at railway stations, Carbon Dioxide Monitors along with exhausters installed in regularly occupied ac rooms like AC waiting halls, dormitories, retiring rooms, reserved longue, Reservation office to enhance the indoor Air quality etc to promote sustainable environment.  



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