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Ward volunteers demand pay rise & job security in Vizag


Ward volunteers in the Zone-4 of GVMC staged an agitation in front of the collector’s office on Monday demanding job security and a pay rise. According to volunteers, in spite of rendering services sincerely day and night as per the instructions of the Chief Minister, their services are not being recognized going by the level of salaries which they are getting.

A Volunteer said that we are working as a bridge between government and people, by taking the government’s welfare schemes at the doorsteps of each and every one. We risked our life during Covid-19 times by working diligently in spreading awareness on how to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the lockdown, we traced the majority of the foreign returnees by making door-to-door visits following of resurvey by the government. Every so often, we enquired about the health condition of the returnees and their close contacts at regular intervals. We upload the information on a special mobile application created for the purpose and it is reviewed by the higher officials,” B. Lavanya, a volunteer, said. Some of the volunteers were also engaged in sanitization works in rural areas.

Another volunteer said once we became the eyes and ears of the government, now we became an eyesore for the same government. In spite of all this hard work, the government is turning a blind eye to our sincere demands. Nobody knows how difficult it is to work on a paltry sum of Rs, 10,000 as a wage but still, we are working somehow with severe financial distress to run our families. What an irony! After all, what we are demanding is an increase in wages from Rs.10,000 to Rs. 12,000 and job security. Towards this end, they submitted a petition to the district collector.

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