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Watch true stories of courage, sacrifice on this Republic Day

Watch true stories of courage, sacrifice on this Republic Day

Twenty-one years after the Kargil War, the sacrifices of India’s Bravehearts remain etched in the nation’s collective memory. The war began with the infiltration of Pakistani troops into the Indian Territory in May 1999. After 60 days of fierce fighting, the war ended with the Indian Army recapturing occupied territory.

Over the two months of the war, the Indian Army proved beyond doubt that they would stop at nothing short of complete victory. Now, with special access to military personnel and historical records, a new film retells the story of ‘Operation Vijay’ with dramatic recreations of hard-won battles on the arduous road to victory.

The action-packed Kargil: Valour & Victory premieres on January 26, at 9 pm on the HistoryTV18 channel. The military documentary outlines the events of the Kargil War showcasing true stories of unflinching bravery and the actions of five exceptional young men on the frontline whose actions have come to define courage and sacrifice for generations of Indians. These men represent the many heroes who fought for India.

As many as 30,000 Indian soldiers played their part in the war, over 500 were killed and more than 1,300 wounded. The documentary is a tribute to all of them! The film also features top military personnel who were in the thick of the action at the time.

The Kargil War was the first armed conflict in the Indian sub-continent in the nuclear age. Responding to the offensive actions from a belligerent neighbor, Indian forces undertook military operations in the most inhospitable Himalayan terrain at altitudes of over 15,000 feet.

Young Indian officers and jawans endured oxygen deprivation, vertical ascents and extreme conditions on Ladakh’s barren slopes and summits to oust the enemy and win back strategic peaks. By the time the war was won, India had lost some of its finest soldiers. The documentary tells the story of these Bravehearts during the war.

Marking India’s Republic Day, the new documentary is the latest in a set of world-class shows honoring the Indian armed forces. Kargil: Valour & Victory recounts acts of grit and sacrifice against a well-entrenched enemy occupying high ground. The film’s explosive battle scenes come to life with world-class production values and specialist filming on location in Ladakh. The battles of Tololing, Khalubar, Point, Tiger Hill and Turtuk are recreated with trademark rigor.

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