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Water bowl to quench the thirst of strays, birds in Vizag


With temperatures rising in Vizag, birds and stray animals find it harder to survive the heat without shade or water to quench their thirst. As usual, birds fly for miles to get to a water body and many die before they get any closer.

Similar to birds, stray animals are no different, in the winters they struggle for food and in summers, water! Although it might not be possible to provide water and food to all the stray animals and birds, but it is well within our reach to make a difference!


Many peace-loving people of Vizag usually keep an earthen bowl of water in their balconies or terrace, compound walls, on the streets and scatter bajra (millet) or rice for their tiny little guests to feast on. Indeed it is a much-needed initiative during the cruel summers but a higher and collective initiative is needed to help these animals and birds to co-exist with us.

To quench the thirst of stray animals and birds in Vizag, the Ken foundation Society has begun distributing cement water bowls free of cost. As of Thursday, 150-200 bowls were distributed by the Ken Foundation Society across the city. Speaking to Hello Vizag, Santosh, the founder of Ken Foundation Society, said that “the primary aim of this initiative of placing water bowls all over the city is to help thousands of thirsty birds and animals, who have no water to drink during the scorching summer heat unless we make it available to them”

Santosh explained that these bowls need no maintenance but water should be replaced every 2-3 days to avoid breeding of mosquitoes. “So far 1,500 bowls have been distributed in the Vizag city and this year we have given 200 more.”This initiative aims at ensuring no stray animals is left to die of thirst in the concrete jungle,” said S Geeta Narayan, chairman of Ken Foundation Society. S Ravi Shankar Narayan, Director General, Drug Control and Copy Rights, Government of AP, has urged the caretakers to clean the water bowls every two days to ensure safe water for animals and birds.

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