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Water from Air kiosk inaugurated at Beach Road


Indeed, an idea can change the world. For the first time, in the Vizag, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has installed an innovative water kiosk in which potable water is harvested from the air instead of depending on scarce groundwater and surface water resources. The initiative of harvesting water from the atmosphere in ways that are practical, efficient, and inexpensive and supported by the GVMC and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the SWN (Safe Water Network).

The innovative technology under the Make in India concept of water from the air has been developed by a Hyderabad-based company and was launched on Beach Road on Tuesday. The drinking water is generated by using atmospheric moisture extraction technology and pass it over a condenser, turning the vapour into water, due to the heat exchange. The machine used for this process works at a low humidity level of 50%, has an ambient temperature of 32-35 degrees Celsius, and is harvesting 120 litres of water a day. While inaugurating the Kiosk on beach road the Mayor of Vizag Golagani Hari Venkata Kumari said, “This idea is unique and I would like to see it replicated in tourist and slum areas.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Poonam Sewak, Vice President, Programmes and partnerships of SWN said that “the Kiosk called Meghdoot, will provide clean, mineral-enriched potable water harvested from the air. Apart from this, it will also act as a water knowledge resource centre (WRKC) by creating awareness and imparting necessary information to members of the local communities including nearby schools, colleges and consumers on the benefits of good water, sanitation and hygiene practices.”

Speaking on the occasion, the founder and MD of Maithri Aquatech that developed the kiosk, Ramkrishna Mukkavilli said “it’s our endeavour to create a sustainable future and conserve water resources, we came up with innovative technology, wherein water can be generated by harvesting the moisture in the air on a highly cost-effective and scalable basis. The entire setup is a decentralized, environment-friendly ‘plug-and-play’ solution capable of producing 100% microbe-free potable water, with a capacity of generating over one million litres of water every day.” Stating further, he said in the future, we are looking forward to expanding this project across multiple locations in Visakhapatnam as well as in other smart cities.

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