Water positivity


While ‘net positive’ is a trending phrase in sustainability, many people remain unclear about what it actually means, or more so, how to achieve it.

In simple terms, when a commercial or residential development is net positive in relation to water and/or energy for that matter, it is where they are creating more water (or energy) than they are actually using.

How can you become net positive?

There are three key ways in which a residential or commercial entity can become net positive as far as water use:

1. Optimising consumption
Optimising water use means reducing the amount you consume, either by implementing restrictive measures (such as water efficient appliances), or actively monitoring and limiting your usage.

2. Recycling as much water as possible
The second step towards being net positive is recycling some of the water that is used or accessed. Recycling schemes are essential building blocks that allow businesses to become net positive.

3. Capturing and recapturing
Capturing an extra stream of water into your cycle is a great way to bring your overall water equation onto the positive side.
Rainwater harvesting and storm water capturing are the most obvious way of capturing and reuse of water.

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