Water seeking squirrel- Goes viral


The video of small squirrel asking a boy for water is currently going viral on social media. Sushant Nanda, a forest official, shared the video on Twitter on Friday. In this video shared as ‘Water-seeking squirrel’, the video of the squirrel standing on its hind legs and asking for water is touching everyone’s hearts. Thirsty Squirrel saw a bottle of water in the hand of a boy walking on the road

She ran behind him and stood on both legs and stretched out her front legs to get water. The boy then pulled the bottle lid off and offered it to the squirrel, who drank it and it went its way. This video has received millions of views and millions of comments so far. Producer Neela Nanda, who saw this, responded .. ‘My heart was heavy after watching this video. Like this, there are a lot of people and animals who are clamouring for water and food. The video made everyone think, “he retweeted.

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