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We need more films on women empowerment: Prakash Raj


Actor Prakash Raj who is riding high on the success of Vakeel Saab, speaks to Hello Vizag about his association with Pawan Kalyan, exchanging ideologies, future projects, and more.

Versatile actor Prakash Raj was recently seen playing a lawyer in Pawan Kalyan’s courtroom drama Vakeel Saab. The actor opened up about working for Vakeel Saab, and shared, “When the audience watches this film, they will connect with a previous film of mine and Pawan —Bhadri. The way they loved me as Nanda in Bhadri, the audience showered me with the same kind of love for my role as Nanda in Vakeel Saab too.”

Prakash Raj said the director named his character Nandakishore on purpose. “Not just conveying a message, the director wanted the film to be entertaining as well. I loved the way the audience enjoyed it when Pawan Kalyan called me Nanda Ji and Nandagopal in Vakeel Saab,” he said. Stating further, Mr. Raj said “However message-oriented the film might be, it is as important to keep the audience entertained and when they step out of the theatre, they should feel happy and enjoy the moments they watched. Keeping these aspects in mind, the courtroom drama was been designed.”

Speaking about his association with Pawan Kalyan, the Varsham actor shares, “Vakeel Saab is close to Pawan’s ideologies. This story is relevant to him. During a few scenes in the film, it felt like those dialogues came straight from his heart. Keeping his image intact, Pawan delivered a terrific performance on women safety and empowerment.”

For a film to be successful, story, screenplay, dialogues, play a key role. Prakash Raj feels the same. He says, “If anyone tells me the film is a hit because I’m in it, I take it as a compliment and consider it as their love towards me. Anybody can do the kind of acting I do if the storyline is perfect. When I came onto the sets of Vakeel Saab, it felt like I really was in a courtroom.”

Sharing one of the instances on sets, he said, “When I came to sets at 9 am one day, Pawan Kalyan reached the set by 7 am. When asked why he was early, he replied, ‘I couldn’t sleep, so I reached the sets early’.” He goes on to add, “Although Pawan and I have varied opinions regarding politics when it comes to acting, we respect each other’s work. On the sets, Pawan and I discuss a lot of issues. We exchange books on poetry and current affairs. Pawan and I have a few thoughts on the welfare of the public. We want to do more films on women’s empowerment.

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