What covid-19 taught us and why should we be thankful


We are living in unusual and difficult times. The novel corona virus has turned the world and our lives upside down. The pandemic has left people feeling stressed and depressed. That means it’s not just taken a physical but a mental toll on our health as well. The only thing that has made us survive this is ‘Gratitude’! Let us delve into a few important things COVID-19 has taught us and why we need to practice Gratitude.

 Family time –
We don’t need to focus more on this point because you know what has changed since you are stuck at home. In our fast paced lives, never did we think about ourselves and lost the connection to our loved ones. We got so busy running the rat race that we forgot to take a break and feel the love around us.

The lockdown has given us a lost opportunity to bond with our family like never before. Cooking new recipes, playing board games, laughters and conversations over the evening chai and pakodas are just what you need to feel secure in this overwhelming world. Express genuine gratitude towards your family members to let them know you value them and to strengthen the relationship for we just have one chance of a lifetime.

 Filling the gaps our lives deserve – We always gave an excuse of our busy schedule to bail out of conversations and meet ups with our friends or outside people in general. We never gave a chance for new relationships to blossom. Well, now we don’t have an option and guess what? It’s a good thing. This is the exact time to reconnect with your old buddies, clear out misunderstandings and invest in healthy roots to a few new relationships. Forget the past and connect with your friends. You will be surprised to see how much love is
still left to give and how thankful you should be for people in your lives. Reach out to your mentors, life coaches and people who have helped you in some way or the other and let them know how grateful you are.

 Self Improvisation –
Getting sucked into the daily hectic work routine is nothing new. While it is the very source of your bread and butter, it takes away your mental capacity to grow from within. The time that this lockdown has given us should be utilised to learn new skills whether it be work related, culinary skills or survival hacks. Work on improving your personality and weaknesses through different online courses provided at your disposal. Try to create a priority towards your mental well-being by practicing meditation, yoga or working out beast mode. There is a plethora of options really! Often we are afraid of trying out new things and end up convincing ourselves of wasting time behind them. This is the time to be brave and experience new things in your lives. You also have a plus point of not being judged as you are away from the pressures of the society! Habituate practising self-care sessions by pampering yourself once in a while if not often. Go ahead and take that long bubbly bath, drink wine and chill out, binge watch those TV shows with your family, take care of your skin and create a night time sleep routine. This is merely a way to show gratitude to your own body and soul!

 Gratitude towards others –
The COVID 19 situation has brought back the faith that humanity is not a lost cause. We cannot turn our heads from
the fact that this is not a selfish world and we are sent here for a higher purpose. Policemen, doctors, health workers, public servants are risking their lives by playing the role of ‘Corona Warriors’ in order to keep us safe and comfortable at our own homes. They are sacrificing their comfort and are dedicated to serve us by fighting the difficult conditions on the front line. This is a test for us to be more generous towards them and others who unfortunately do not have the access to as little as a roof under their heads. We have been given the gift of time which we should put to use to help them in every way possible, donate for their cause and be proactive towards stabilising the nation as a whole. Do not forget to thank your local grocers, milkmen, farmers, delivery agents to make your lives hassle free.

Count your blessings instead of sheep before bed at night, journal your joys and thoughts in general. Try to be more mindful about your surroundings by stopping and savouring every moment you are thankful for. In the end, pass along the gratitude and warm feelings as we are all together in this and we shall rise!

Inputs from Ankita Tangade


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