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Genre : drama
Duration : /1h 56min/UA.
Goofs : The film is based on Pakistani author Saba imtiaz’s novel “Karachi, you’re killing me”.

Synopsis of the story: This is the story of ‘Noor Roy chaudhary’, who’s a broadcast journalist. She dwells in the city of dreams (Mumbai) and works for a local channel. She aspires to be like Barkha dutt, as her heart lies in issue based journalism. She wants to expose things and make a difference in the society, she wants to cover hard-hitting stories but her mentor drives her to take an interview with sunny Leone, as that’s the public demand.

Noor review:
Noor Roy chaudhary (sonakshi sinha) is the protagonist of the movie. She is like any other girl, and I bet you will relate to her every moment. she’s messy, impulsive, adorable, confident, loves hanging out with her musketeers and her friends call her (RUM ta jogi).

Noor’s heart lies in hard-hitting stories. She wants to shine a light on serious issues but is stuck being the torch bearer of mediocre puff pieces. Sinha carries herself well but at times she puts a lot of effort which wasn’t needed.

The apple of the eye is Saad (kanan Gill), the YouTube sensation, fresh debutant was just effortless. His friend zoned character makes you feel ‘aww’! The best part of the movie is the “chuddy buddy” bonding between saad, noor, and Zara (Shibani dandekar) is a Dj and she’s like the Guardian angel of Noor.

Her mentor (chaudhary) reigns her in when she’s enthusiastic about a new expose. There’s a change in the pattern of her life when she comes in terms with her hot boyfriend (purab kohli) who’s a 40 year old, CNN journalist( in past).

There’s a twist in the tale when her maid malti (tame) brings a major organ -trade racket to her notice.

Finally the director sunhil sippy breaks the stereotype image of the journalist ( who wears kurti pajama).

The youth of this generation will constantly connect to Noor’s world. As her friends are as silly as yours, her lifestyle, Her issues are at times frivolous but her quarter life seems to be credible.

Noor introduces a conflict which is relevant and serious. She exposes the present scenario through her hard -hitting story ‘Mumbai, you’re killing me’.

A slightly stronger effort on the protagonist’s part could have propelled the movie into greatness.

A good movie to watch out for in Amazon prime.


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