What’s up with the vendors in the vicinty of Vizag amid the lockdown ?


It feels like a dream when we used to catch a cup of ‘filter kaphi’ near the beach road or have some jhal muri.

Waiting for their daily earnings, someday they would be lucky and someday they would go empty hands.

With the lockdown, everything has ceased, streets look deserted, there is no panipuri wala, nor a peanuts wala, or ice cream wala selling ice creams.

I wonder what must they be doing or how they would fetch their earnings.

It’s been more than 50 days and some of them have shifted to tailoring or found some other jobs but most of them remain penny less.

One of the pani puri wala says “It’s been 15 years I have been selling Panipuri but have never experienced something like this or never thought something like this could have happened. My wife is a maid, she is not having work and even I don’t have work to do. I don’t know when situations will be fine and it is like nightmare for me as I have to look after four people in my family.”

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