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Wheels of welfare kept moving in 2020


The year began with YSR Aarogyasri scope being widened and came to a close with distribution of house site pattas to poor and in between there was much more than what any normal bygone year would offer. Smooth rolling of welfare activities, Corona pandemic redefining lifestyle and altering dynamics of sustainability, calamities, natural and otherwise that have left a trail unpleasantness, passing of landmark legislations, legal tangles, gas leak, outbreak of a mystery ailment– the year has seen it all and the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government has dealt with each issue effectively.

Distribution of house sites for the poor has waded through many tangles getting postponed on numerous occasions and the grit of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has seen through the event materializing and the fortnight-long distribution of house sites to 31 lakh people started on December 25 and it will go on well into the next year. About one-tenth of the eligible beneficiaries could not get the benefit due to legal issues and the capital hurdle being stalling the programme at Amaravati depriving 54,000 poor of their rightful share as vested interests have moved Court on the grounds of demographic imbalance.

The year has also seen the decision to install 125 feet Statue of Dr BR Ambedkar in heart of Vijayawada city and develop it as a memorial park and Polavarm, all set to be ready on time with the Chief Minister moving all knobs, time and again pressurizing the Centre for funds and working on the R & R package which was totally ignored by the previous regimes. Legislations were passed and some were reiterated in the State Assembly to pursue the issue like decentralization of administration making Visakhapatnam as Executive Capital, Amaravati, the Legislative Capital and Kurnool, the Judicial Capital. Some other issues too seem to have run into rancour during the year.

The clash of institutions sparked on certain occasions was propagated with ulterior motives and there was a smear campaign against the Government launched by paper tigers, who could not make it big in the parliamentary system. Remarks made it to the headlines, proceedings taking precedence over rulings and the Chief Minister had written a letter to the Chief Justice of India (CJI) on the happenings in the State.

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