When Lemon acts as a best precautionary measure to prevent Corona virus


In a bid to prevent corona virus to enter one’s body, Ranga Venkateswara Rao from Nidadavolu has come up with an unique idea which can be practised by everyone.

According to him, Lemon works at its best to prevent the virus. If you put a drop of lemon juice in the nostrils (nose) and then gargle with hot water with salt and lemon juice, it will clear the respiratory tract. And then a glass of hot water with lime can be consumed for the process to be complete.

Ranga Venkateswara Rao who is a member of Lions club Nidadavolu, said, “Lemon juice which is a rich source of citric acid works better than a sanitizer. If lemon juice is used on hands, body, head, rooms and clothes, corona is not worth it.” He shares a few points to be followed:

1. Drink two litres of hot lemon water.
2. Add a few lemon drops in water and take a steam.
3. Spray lemon water all over the Floors, Windows, on Curtains, Beds, Cup Boards, Clothes and inside the Cars.
4. Apply a drop of Ghee/Coconut Oil into your nostrils once.
5. Avoid consuming tobacco and alcohol.

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