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When Ratan Tata took revenge on Ford


‘Success is the best revenge’. This story of Ratan Tata is all about how to be a good businessman and even a better person.

In 1991, Ratan Tata became the Chairman of the Tata Group. Back then, Tata Motors used to manufacture only trucks. They were India’s largest truck makers. In the same year, Tata Motors launched its first passenger car, Tata Indica. This was the first car ever to be designed by an Indian company. It was Ratan Tata’s dream project. But the car did not do well in the market and the sales were too low. Due to the poor sales, Tata Motors decided to sell the car division.

In 1999, Ford was interested in buying the Tata car division. Ratan Tata along with his team flew to Detroit and met the chairman of Ford, Bill Ford. They had a meeting which lasted 3 hours. During the meeting, Ratan Tata was humiliated by Bill Ford. Bill said that they knew nothing about cars and they shouldn’t have started the car division. He also said that Ford was doing Tata a favor by buying his car division.

Post that meeting, Ratan Tata decided not to sell the car division and he returned to India. He put all his focus on Tata Motors and worked even harder. His hard work paid off and with time Tata Motors became a successful car company all over the world. The tables turned and the clock had turned for Tata Motors. So much so that in 2008, Ratan Tata offered to buy the Land Rover and Jaguar car series from Ford.

This time Ratan Tata invited Bill Ford to India. They had a meeting and in that meeting, Bill thanked Ratan Tata for buying his cars and doing them a huge favor. Ratan Tata could have humiliated him easily as the ball was in his court, but he didn’t do as it wasn’t his way. He proved his worth by becoming even more successful and buying cars from Ford.

Within a few years of the buyout, JLR made a dramatic turnaround and is the mainstay of Tata Motors’s finances. Jaguar and Land Rovers are one of the most successful selling cars of Tata Motors. Ratan Tata is one of the kindest and humble people and a businessman who is praised all over the world. He has built a huge empire and yet donates 66 % of the profit to different charities. He is a prime example of success and gratitude.

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