Where are we heading to


Tiktok rating is back to 4.4 after play store has removed the negative ratings given by the users intentionally.The capacity lies with play store to remove the intentional ratings with a motive is to defame any app.

But it is all a different issue, do you remember the saying “to much of anything is harmful “, addiction leads to damage.

From children to youth, Homemakers to working men and women, millions of indians are addicted to tiktok.

In a recent incident a 35year old woman committed suicide after her husband scolded her for spending most of the time on tiktok, after witnessing her death their 16 year old son did the same.

Is our thought process in right way? Are we lacking at emotional etiquettes?

What many of us dont know is Tiktok was initially developed to help the unemployed reduce their boredom but now india became a leading user.

Using it isn’t wrong but addiction isn’t right.

By Praveena Varma


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