WHO Experts to Investigate the Origin of Covid-19 in China


World Health Organization (WHO) experts will be present in the Chinese capital to work on the ground level for a larger mission. Investigation will be carried out for finding the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. Two experts will be spending the next two days there, they will work on the scope and terms of reference for the future mission. One among the expert is an epidemiologist and the other is an animal health expert.

Demand for investigation has from many countries. During the World Health Assembly held in May, more than 120 countries called for an investigation to know the origin of the virus. The last time WHO carried out a mission relating to corona is in February. The virus is spreading at a higher rate in the U.S., Brazil and India. The deaths due to this virus has crossed 5 lakhs mark.

Scientists believe that the virus may have originated in bats, then transmitted to another mammal before passing on to humans. So the future mission is aimed at learning how the virus jumped from animals to humans.

Inputs from Praveena Mandapati

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