Who run the world? Women entrepreneur meet


Varied shades of women were brought out by Mitti ke rang, a social venture in collaboration with Junior Chamber International (JCI) on Saturday at Kurtoshh restaurant.

Nothing felt more empowering than seeing the women from different strata come together on the same platform to share their stories and connect for further development. Amit Jain, the founder of Mitti ke rang, Dr Sheetal Madan (City Lead ), Adnan, Rj Indu, has been out there to leave no stone unturned and truly is on a backpack mission to fulfill his vision of creating and providing a platform to women entrepreneurs.

It is no longer that women can be rattled inside a kitchen, she can be a mother yet choose to work without being guilty, she can be a dancer, entrepreneur, drive an auto or Uber. She can be it all, be it multitasking yet slaying in all spectrum with panache.
About 25 women were expected but turn out more than the count. The place was bustling with Independent women and women who are striving to create an identity of their own.

There were many who were confident to share their journey and some took their time to speak but nobody seemed coy.
All stories were such inspiring that moves you from within. They seemed like role models who are out there to get their other pair of glass shoes and not wait for a man like the Cinderella story to get it done.

1. S. Narasa Lakshmi

The Vizag’s first women autorickshaw driver who broke all the stereotypes by driving in the lanes of Gnanapuram. She didn’t only break into the male-dominated sphere but is also quite humane in nature as she gives free rides to senior citizens to the differently-abled people. Though her husband was an alcoholic and left the family in piles of debt, it didn’t stop her from working. In fact, she worked harder and bought an autorickshaw to drive. Her vision was to not only be financially independent but also provide quality education to her son. She says “Education is important, it doesn’t matter which stream they want to choose. As a parent, I urge that all parents should back up and support their children to pursue their dreams.” Also, she believes that there is no field that women can’t master in be it anything women should pursue her dreams.

2. Smrite Bhatia

Long back the notion has been struck off which says ‘If you’re pretty then you don’t have brains’. This lady is Beauty with brains and the most humble one person can be. Smith bagged the Covisionara Global Mrs. India 2019 title and will be representing India at Mrs. World competition which will be held in Los Angeles in 2020. Though she bagged many beauty pageant titles, she carries herself with poise and is quite humble. Her journey was started way back when she married Priyank Bhatia. A girl from Zirakpur not knowing the English language, not to smart, worked hard to be where she is today. She said “One of the strongest reasons that I’m here today is because of my husband. He supported me in all my endeavors.” She firmly believes that every woman has the potential within themselves and her sole mission is to help in the progression of womanhood.

3. Farzana Begum

From being a functional strength trainer to surviving cancer, the Hijabi fit mom is out there to change the perception of fitness and strengthening women. The certified functional trainer from the USA, she conducts free training session in the city to motivate women and to instill a healthy lifestyle within them. Though she is a cancer survivor, she smiles and works for her sole mission of opening an all-women gym that will promote a holistic development for women as women take their health for granted at times.

4. Bharati Jain

She is from Chennai and after marriage, she settled in Vizag. She designs diamond jewelry at a subsidized rate and sells it with an IGI certificate on it. As she believes every woman should get the accessibility to wear what they want to.

5. Sneha

A doting mother being a concerned mother started her own venture where she makes certified baby toys and baby products that are of low cost and is safe to be used.

6. Ch Shyamala

It all started when her husband got paralyzed, she pursued tailoring as her full-time job. Life has come full circle for her, from learning a skill and also imparting that skill to the other women, she has taken it to another level. With tears in her eyes, she does it all to support her daughter in pursuing her dreams. Her daughter is now a speed skater champion and also striving hard to master the sport.

7. Meenu Bhushan

Heading the Mahila police sector in Duvvada, Meenu seems confident, humane and a cop you don’t want to mess with it. She was in a completely different career before but seeing how women are treated, she wrote the exam and is now heading the Mahila police team in Duvvada. She is a voice that represents other women. When she speaks about the harassment happening to women, you can’t help but relate to it as all of us have faced it in some form.

There were other people like Sirisha and Naina at the event, who are homemakers and yet are striving hard to create an identity for themselves. Homemaking is quite a selfless and tough job, where women keep working without any remuneration. It was nice as they have come all the way for the women’s meet up to find a trigger moment.

What was so aspiring and inspirational is women from all sectors whether homemakers or working came together for the women’s meet and was quite supportive of each other. Each one was encouraging and were empathetic for the other. As Mitti ke rang believes in the #togetherwegrow motto, if women support one and another rather than pulling each other down definitely someday we will win over patriarchy and there will be more empowered and strong women out there to make a better place to live.



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