Whole sale shops at Poorna Market to function from 9am to 2pm only

Whole-sale shops-at-Poorna-Market-to-function-from-9am-to-2pm-only

City is witnessing rapid rise in corona cases, yet the gatherings are not reduced. In view of the rise in cases “Poorna Market Association”, has decided to reduce the timings of the wholesale shops. The wholesale shops owners voluntarily came forward and agreed on altering the timings of the operation of the wholeshops. 

Association President, Sampath Kumar Jain had announced the decision taken by the shop owners. Due to the lockdown relaxations by the government people are moving freely, which led to an increase in cases. So as to control the spread of virus the timings are reduced. He requested the public to wear a mask and maintain social distance while visiting the market.

Lockdown relaxations have led to rapid increase in cases in the city, the deaths were also on rise lately. But the gatherings at public places doesn’t seem to be reduced. Safety precautions are the need of the hour and avoiding unnecessary outings will help to an extent.

Inputs from Praveena Mandapati

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