Why ART thou so stubborn?

Why ART thou so stubborn?

As an Arts student, the most familiar phrase that I hear from people of other streams is, “Your subjects are so easy, right? I mean, how tough can English and Psychology be?” I knoweth not, thee bid me!

These people are also usually the ones who only know Shakespeare and a couple of his works. But hey, let’s not go all Darcy on these prejudiced Elizabeths. The next time someone tries dismissing you for studying English, drop some of your Literature knowledge on them; Some of Absalom and Achitophel, or some of Paradise Lost, add in a bit of Dr Faustus and finish with some Shelley or Steele!
For those unaware, all-talk individuals, the applications of psychology and linguistic abilities have been crucial to multiple fields of science, especially in computers and engineering. Several coding languages were written after studying language formation and syntax. Works from several linguists, such as Noam Chomsky have been crucial towards language processing for code compilers.

The first chatbot ELIZA was used as a rudimentary psychologist, based on the works of Carl Rogers, a well-known psychologist who worked on creating the humanistic approach towards patient counselling. Even today, for robots and AI language learning, teams of engineers and computer scientists often employ psychologists or linguists to help the machine learn a language better or to help recreate a human mind and thought processes, as accurately as possible.

In fact, during this ongoing pandemic, artists and their art is the only thing that is keeping us sane inside the comfort of our homes. We turn to art in times of crisis to feel that tiny thread of normalcy.

Familiar music, books, movies, art and poetry, these make us feel at home when there is death all over the world. Psychologists and therapists have been giving away free online sessions to people in need because it’s very easy to feel like you’re spiralling down in these stressful times.

Above mentioned is only a brief, albeit important, use of Arts subjects in the so-called “harder fields of study”. Although one might agree that concepts taught in the fields of Arts might be easier to wrap your head around, they are in no way, ‘easy subjects’. So, the next time someone tells you that Arts’ subjects are irrelevant or an ‘easy way out’, challenge them to a week without consuming any form of art whatsoever.

By Yukta Baid


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