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Why full moon meditation? Experts explain it’s benefits


Yoga prana vidya has been conducting Full moon meditation for five years. This time it was unique because a method called sound healing was conducted by Ankit Gupta. The one-hour online session was organized by Poorna SJ Kraleti, Psychologist, energy healer and spiritual counsellor. Let us understand what is full moon meditation?

Why Full moon meditation?

Full moon is the time where energies are at peak and ready to harvest and harness.

Full moon has also been related to mental health since ages. The word “lunatic” comes from lunar cycles, where phases of moon were observed significant in behavioural changes in the inmates of mental asylum.

“Also noteworthy is the effect of the moon on water bodies with high tide and low tides. The human body having 70% water also shows lots of emotional upheaval,” said Kraleti.

“Full moon is the best time to meditate and bring emotional detox and cleansing.

The meditation done during full moon is Metta meditation or meditation on compassion and loving kindness. Sending loving energies to the earth and all the people/ beings on this earth, is like putting a seed of divine love in everyone’s heart,” added Kraleti.

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