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Why is Bollywood Superhero Hrithik Roshan’s Life always filled with Darkness?


His father taken down, his marriage was made fund of, his linkup with an actress made national headlines. Life dying surgery, divorce, extra-marital affairs, he stood silent and that was his only option. Years of hard work were put to flame in just a single moment. His stardom was down to ashes. A magazine cover even claimed his career was over.

Hrithik Roshan has been through many trials in life. He was 21 when the doctor told him he won’t be able to dance, jump, fall, or perform a twist. He was advised to change his career, a bit of advice which he thankfully refused. Today he finds the whole idea of having someone else tell him what to do ‘foolish’.

As a young child, he had a stammer, which alone is something people fight their whole lives. Hrithik Roshan took speech classes every day and practiced for hours and hours. There were moments when he felt that he would be unable to ever cross this hurdle when his father was taken down and brought to bed, Hrithik Roshan felt helpless. His father was the leading director of the industry, but nobody questioned nor complained about the incident to anyone.

He realized how fragile life is and decided to make every moment count. He overcame all hurdles to make a debut which to date people remember. His debut movie is still considered a benchmark for newcomers. He became an overnight sensation. For the first time, in the year the Khan’s were challenged. But life post that wasn’t as rosy, as his movies one after the other kept flopping.

A magazine declared him as “Finished”. He made a rip-roaring comeback and proved to everyone he is here to stay. He was the first superstar of the 21st century, a heartthrob of millions. His life came crashing down when the image of him being a perfect family man was busted. Divorce, extramarital affair, allegation, everything came to haunt him for life. But he did not give up, stood silent when needed, rose all when required.

He is a man who sees the best even in the worst situations. He is a superhero who fights even when everything seems lost, a trait which has helped him stand the test of life, since not every average hero would be able to fight back so regularly and fight back so strongly!

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