Why is Clay Ganesha idol mandatory as per tradition


We hear about eco friendly ganesha idols, they are safe for the environment. Water bodies do not get polluted when eco friendly idols are disposed of in the water. Campaigns are carried out to create awareness about the idols and disposing ways. Change has already started but it is not up to the mark. Still people are purchasing and worshipping idols made of plaster of paris (POP) and other substances which are harmful for the environment. Seeds were also inserted into idols made of clay or mud, in order to help the environment. All these efforts are made to save the environment.

But it is not just one reason why clay ganesha idols need to be used. Over the years, we have completely neglected the other reason regarding why we need idols only made of clay.

Here is the other most important reason as per the tradition: As per the story which we hear on ganesh chaturthi it is clearly mentioned that the idol can be made as per the financial capacity of the person doing the puja. It is clear that idols should be made of gold or silver or clay based on their financial capability. But we are simply ignoring it and are worshipping the idols made of other substances which are not acceptable as per the tradition. It is nowhere mentioned that idols made of other than gold, silver and clay can be used.

It’s time to follow the traditions, in the way they should be followed. But not in the way that is convenient to us

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