Will ban the candidate who distribute cash and liquor during elections, proposal by YSRCP Govt


No more encashing of votes on the basis of liquor and cash, an approach to maintain the ‘swachhta’ in the electoral process, YSR government on Wednesday came up with the proposal of curbing the distribution of cash and liquor during the local body and municipal elections.

Though the elections will be held in a short time an important decision was taken at the state cabinet meeting to take a step towards a corruption-free environment. The decision proposes if any candidate is caught with the distribution of liquor and cash during and after elections they will be debarred immediately from the election campaign and also imprisoned for a period of three years. Also, the time span between election notification and election date has been reduced to 21 to 15 days, to curb the malpractices as much as possible.

Can’t be whitewashed within a day to bring a change but it will take some time to bring a change in the system and with the vision towards bringing a change, Perni Venkatramaiah said a representative of the panchayat, MPTC, or ZPTC will be disqualified by the cabinet even after elections if they are found guilty in charges of corruption.


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