Winner winner Chicken for dinner as Coronavirus has no effect on the poultry


Clearing the rumors that are being circulated in social media platform, Gandhi Reddy, Chairman of Vijayanagar Hatcheries Private Limited addressed the issue of chicken being affected by a coronavirus.

People are being careful and taking enough preventive measures to stay away from the virus as it has deadly consequences and to prevent it there are a lot of rumors being circulated due to which people are even following every possible thing that is being forwarded on WhatsApp like drinking tulsi water, avoiding street food, not eating chicken.

To put the rumors to rest, the chairman on Friday said: “chickens are being affected as certain poultry farms aren’t taking vaccine at the right time and it is not due to Corona.” As the poultry business got affected badly, he urged people not to go by the rumors as the Centre has released a report of the consumption of chicken that doesn’t pose a threat.


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