With A Month Old Baby In Hand IAS Officer returns back to her duty to fight COVID-19


The Chief of Visakhapatnam’s Municipal Body, Srijana Gummalla after giving birth to a child rejoins office within a month to fight the critical situations of Corona.

Srijana hails from 2013 batch IAS officer and is the current Commissioner of GVMC.

Even on the day of her delivery she came to office in the morning and later the evening gave birth to a baby boy. Even though the government sanctions 6 months of maternity leave she cradeled her baby in her arms and came to office within three weeks post her delivery.

This act shows how dedicated she is towards her duty and her zeal to help others fight COVID-19. She requested the Chief Minister of the State to grant her permission to rejoin office and be helpful in successfully fighting this pandemic.

Vizag is blessed to have such warriors among them who are so motivated to fight against COVID-19 and not just Visakhapatnam the whole nation is blessed to have such great dedicated officers.

Hello Vizag Salutes her for her noble cause and is grateful to have such commissioner in term.

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