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With much fanfare GVMC developing city outskirts


Post bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is spreading its wings of development in every nook and corner under its jurisdiction. With growing urbanization at a rapid pace coupled with an increase in population, GVMC is leaving no stone unturned to developing every region under its limits. On one side from Aganampudi to Pendurthi and the other side from Madhuravada and Anandapuram is development taking place with good speed. Also with the development of satellite townships, GVMC is making all efforts to provide basic amenities for the people in these regions.

With 5 lakh families with a 25 lakh population under its jurisdiction limits, day to day basic amenities are becoming important. At present in GVMC, more than 25,000 people working both permanent and outsourcing. Out of which, approximately 4000 permanent staff and remaining outsourcing 5013 for sanitation, 1154 for water supply, 200 for malaria control, and 120 data entry operators are working. Recently, in the wake of setting up of new ward and village secretariats, the GVMC is completely changing the landscape by developing more regions. Apart from 10,572 volunteers working in 572 secretariats, another 4000 supervisory staff is also carrying out their services.

Payment of salaries through treasuries under 010 is Great relief

In the past, GVMC used to pay salaries to their staff from their own books. But since from one-year payment of salaries and pensions to the municipal employees will be under 010 Head of Account i.e, through Treasury. 25th of every month the salary bills to be sent to treasurers enable the government to clear payment on the 1st of every month. In total Rs. 250 crores, the state government is paying towards salaries and pensions in a year through Treasury which became a sense of great relief to the GVMC employees.

Also, with the requirement of more outsourcing staff, the burden of payment of salaries is also growing exponentially. Towards this end, the government is also paying Rs. 8 crores to outsourcing staff. With the transfer of salary part to the state government through the treasury, there will not be a funds crunch for the development works usually taken up by the GVMC from time to time. With this, GVMC is making all efforts to come out financially sound in their future.

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