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With the festive season around the corner, keep yourself fit through Sattvik food


With the festive season around the corner, indulging and savouring the varieties of festive food is something that most of us love. However, all of us have our own fitness mantras and we try to balance and maintain it throughout. Apart from yoga, meditation, Sattvik cooking is also important to maintain a well- balanced body and mind. This festive season, Hello Vizag brings you the importance of Sattvik food. Gita Hari, a food critic, travel and lifestyle writer from Mumbai shares her views on the Sattvik food festival which is underway in Novotel hotel.

But let us know what is Sattvik food? Sattvik, in essence, comprises the foods that develop a positive attitude in a person and increases spiritual growth. Depending on its character and effect, foods can create a balance or imbalance in one’s state of living. Hence, onion and garlic are totally avoided.

Gita who is also a columnist shares a few unique dishes. They include Amma’s Potato Curry, Karela sambar, Chatti mashiyal, poykattai, vethakoyambu, etc. The health benefits of Sattvik food is that it is fresh, light, nourishing, sweet and tasty. They support and bring out cheerfulness, serenity and mental clarity by increasing the energy levels.

On being asked why is it different from the normal food, Gita, said, “The cooking procedure is a little different as it includes boiling, steaming, less use of oil and spices. There is use of jaggery in lieu of sugar. Spices like cumin, coriander, ginger, hing or asafoetida and black pepper are used.”

Sattvik diet is beneficial for good health because all preparations in this diet are packed with nutrition. It consists of a balance of fibre, minerals, proteins, carbs, vitamins and healthy fats. It keeps you not only physically fit but also mentally active. If adhered to regularly, it helps keep you healthy and immune to diseases.

“The trend is now catching up in hotels because people are very health conscious. Even while eating out, preference is given to health plus taste. Most of the hotels have a health menu with immunity boosting ingredients. Sattvik menu is apt with its nutrient-dense properties,” stated Gita who is a recepient of Diamond Patrakar Award 2006 and Women Achievers Award 2015.

On being asked why are onions/garlic/ non veg avoided, Gita opines, “Although onion and garlic are blood purifiers and are superfoods with antibacterial and other beneficial qualities, Ayurveda does not recommend them as they generate excessive heat in the body giving rise to aggression, anxiety, irritable nature and increased sexual desire. These are tamasic gunas, hence they are totally avoided.”

“Adapting a lifestyle of sattvik diet helps in keeping one physically fit, mentally agile and spiritually calm. It brings in clarity of thought and peaceful handling of difficult situations.

My message for Vizagites is: ‘Yetha Anna, Thatha Manna’ – You are what you eat! If Spirituality is your mantra, try your hand at this,” concluded Gita who is a culinary expert and renowned wellness food curator for premium hotels across India.

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