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Withdraw the CCIM notification and the NITI AAYOG committee for integration: IMA


Indian Medical Association is the only representative voluntary organization of doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine which looks after the interests of doctors as well as the health of the community at large. Indian doctors have leadership in modern medicine. The premier medical colleges of the country were established in the 19th century.

Certain revolutionary discoveries like the malarial parasite treatment and vaccinations are part of the Indian legacy. Today, India remains the frontier of modern medicine in both evidence-based and clinical streams. Advanced and sophisticated surgeries and procedures are done at a fraction of the cost than in the West. Indian doctors are supporting health systems globally. Recent policy tilt as evidenced in the medical pluralism advocated by the national education policy, 2020 and the four committees of NITI AAYOG for officially integrating the systems of medicine in medical education, practice, public health, and research ostensibly for one nation, one system policy will ring the death knell for the modern medicine system as a whole. The notification of the amendment to the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) Act on postgraduate Ayurveda surgery and the entitlement to study and practice independently have to be seen as another step in advancing and legitimizing mixopathy.

This notification allows Ayurveda doctors to do 58 types of operations (surgery). These operations include various abdominal operations, various ENT, and Eye operations. How can an Ayurveda doctor perform these complicated, major operations? Will it not affect the health of the poor public? Who will give anesthesia? There is no anesthesia in Ayurveda. Similarly, after the operation, there are no antibiotics in Ayurveda which are useful for major post-operative patients.

IMA feels it is kichdification of medical education and practice initiated by the National medical commission and NITI AAYOG. IMA will resist and protest against the attempts to legitimize mixopathy and took strong exception to this development. The national IMA gave a call for nation-wide protest.

Medical students and junior doctors who are the future doctors and who will be affected were also participating in this protest program.

Various other associations of doctors under the Federation of Medical Association (FOMA), at their meeting today decided to participate in this nation-wide protest program.

The national IMA has called for
1) Demonstrations in small groups of 20 participants between 12 noon to 2 pm on 8th December 2020 strictly following Covid protocols.
2) Withdrawal of all non-essential and non-Covid services between 6 am to 6 pm on 11th December 2020.
3) Public awareness campaign in the media, posters, and pamphlets.
Dr. N. Subrahmanyam, President – IMA AP State

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