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Women behind the famous car ‘Mercedes’


Who was the woman behind the famous car Mercedes? We all know the famous car brand Mercedes. But do you know the story of the woman who was the inspiration behind the name? Mercedes was named after Mercedes Jellinek. She was not the founder of the car or owner of the company. So, who was she?

Here’s the story of the woman behind Mercedes.

Mercedes Jellinek was the first daughter of Emil Jellinek, a German businessman. Mercedes was born in 1889. Emil believed that his daughter brought good luck to him. Growing up, Emil was always fascinated by the industry of automobiles. In 1886, Emil visited the factory of Daimler Motors, a German automobile manufacturing company. Emil bought one of their cars for himself. Soon he started selling them.

Emil loved to participate in races. Soon he started racing with the car he bought from Daimler Motors. In 1889, he participated in the NICE race under the name of her beloved daughter “Mercedes”. Everyone was impressed with Emil’s performance in the race. Within a year Emil sold more than 30 automobiles. Sounds easy but it was a big achievement at that time.

With time, Emil pushed Daimler motors to build lighter and faster vehicles. “If I can’t get any more from a car than I would get from a horse and carriage, I might as well stick with the horse,” said Emil. With countless letters from Emil, Daimler started creating their own sports cars. Emil promised Daimler motors that he would buy 36 race cars. But on one condition. The cars must bear the name of his daughter, Mercedes.

1901, Daimler launched the new Mercedes 35 HP. The car started dominating the NICE cars. Emil started selling cars all over Europe through agencies. Daimler’s Mercedes became the best-selling vehicle all over the world. The newspaper called it “The Mercedes Era”. Emil’s daughter Mercedes was just 11 years old at that time.

Everything was going fine, but soon everything was about to fall apart. During the first world war, Emil got accused of spying. Email whole property was seized. In 1918, Emil passed away. On the other hand, her daughter Mercedes got married twice. But her both marriages failed and she was left with two children. She had to beg from her neighbors to feed her kids.

Her first husband was forced to work as a civil servant. While her second husband passed away shortly after their marriage. Soon, she was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. In 1929, Mercedes passed away at the age of just 39. On the other hand, Daimler motors merged with Engineer Karl Benz’s company. Their new cars were called ‘Mercedes-Benz’ Emil Jellinek’s name was lost forever in history. But his daughter’s name still stays with the car.

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