Women can balance between sport and children; US Open is the live example


Women have been evolving over the years, from being restricted to home in 1900’s to coming out and going for job’s, women have transformed themselves. Balancing between work and home to balancing between sport and home is what married are doing over the years. But it is all in the past, over the years many sports players started to balance their sporting careers and children.

Fitness is usually the major issue after the maternity period. Many sporting icon’s have already proved to the world that nothing is changed in their game with their performances. This year it is more special, not because many sports at the international level are being conducted without spectators but because first time in the history of “US Open”, 9 Mother’s had shown to the world their extraordinary tennis skills.

Today 3 mother’s are going to face off in women’s singles quarter finals including Serena Williams. Winner may be any one of them but that winner will become the 4th women in the Open era to win a major title as a mother. In the history of Open era only Margaret court, Evvone Goolagong and Kim Clijsters have won the major titles after becoming mother’s.

This year’s US Open can be considered as one the inspiring tournament. Boundaries have been broken to a greater extent and women are no longer confined and parenthood limitations.

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