Women Empowerment


Don’t clip thy wings, rise and soar high into the sky

Raise your voice not to shout, but to shun the evils out. Don’t restrict yourself to the vessels in kitchen, but open yourself to work for thy vision

Don’t be a feminist just to make the women strong, be a feminist to change the way the world perceives you to be wrong. Don’t be a fool to debate the strengths of the gender, instead work hard to be a worthy contender Don’t just confine thyself to the four walls of residency, instead break the taboos and rule the world like a presidency Don’t let the man next door sweep you off your feet, cause you have to soar high to lead their fleet.

Question pops up? How do you attain empowerment? Let man and women work together and let them rise on their merits implement, Thus attaining women empowerment!


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