Women Foodpreneurs come together at Food Rendezvous


It is no longer about only working in the kitchen just to serve meals for the family for a compliment. These women are using their cooking and entrepreneurial skills to put out their labour of love.
The only way to empower and bridge the gap between genders is by first women helping each other and that’s what Anjali Dange has been doing for two years. Women entrepreneur herself she started four years back with her own Starlite Nutrition and wellness centre where she guides people on the right nutrition and diet that helps people leading a healthy life.
Not a native from Vizag, she started from scratch to come up with the centre and made the networking by going out there. With the experience she had, she wanted to provide a platform for the women who work from home. And that’s how she came up with ‘Food Rendezvous’, its a platform provided to all the women who work from home and don’t exactly know whom to contact.
“My aim is to provide a fair platform for the women who can put out their nutritious products so that it can benifit both the purchaser and retailer,” says Anjali Dange, Founder and chief Nutrition consultant of Starlite Nutrition & Wellness Center.
The event usually takes place annually before Women’s day to celebrate the new ‘Foodpreneurs’ who are striving hard to build a network and create an identity of their own.
Last two years there were only 6 to 8 stalls but this year there were about 14 stalls been put up by the new women Foodpreneurs. Vizagites indeed are shifting to a healthy lifestyle as the event had more than 40 people looking out for and buying healthier products and food.
“Usually people search for glutton free food or no wheat products but don’t know where to go. So at this event, there were people who were selling samples and products which were nutritious yet delicious,” says Anjali Dange.
Women working shoulder to shoulder to create an identity of their own what better way to celebrate women’s effort.
There were about 14 stalls which had Salads, herbal teas, Millet based dosa, Homemade panipuri, Healthy bakes – Wheat cakes, cookies, clay pot and pans, Healthy Ladoos, fruit-based ice creams, healthy millet chips, Dhoklas, biodegradable plant-based containers and plates.
The food catered to all the people as it was nutrition with a tweak appetizing for everyone. Whether salads being delivered at home or a step being taken towards a sustainable environment with biodegradable plates and cups made with sugarcane pulp it was all there.


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