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Women friendly police stations in Vizag


In a bid to break the mental barrier that prevents women from going to police stations, all the police stations in the Vizag city were made women-friendly. As per the instructions of the Police Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha, an exclusive women help desks were arranged at all the 23 stations in the city.

Speaking with Hello Vizag, Police Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha said that women without fear can directly approach these help desks in police stations, in case of any need. Women police personnel will be performing duties at these help desks and they would receive women and take their complaints, he said. He also urged women to encourage other women to approach police stations freely and without fear in case of any problem, and spread the message that police stations are women-friendly. He said that this was one among many initiatives, which were brought as part of women-friendly policing.


Disha counselling centre – Women in Need is another initiative which was brought by the police for women in city. Confidentiality is one aspect which is very important to many women. The centre functioning from Swarna Bharathi Stadium has been playing a crucial role in resolving problems of many women,” he said.


The Police Commissioner also said that women police constables have been moving at various tourist places, hospitals, bus stations, colleges, bus stands and other public places, where they are creating awareness among girls and women over various types crimes in the city, how to prevent them and also how to contact police in case of any distress.

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