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World Aids Day observed by Andhra University, Vizag


The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, (CSSEIP), Andhra University organized a One-day National Webinar on “Social Inclusion and Empowerment
of Persons with Disabilities”, on the eve of WORLD AIDS DAY, here on December 1. Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University, Prof.P.V.G.D.Prasad Reddy inaugurated the program. Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest, Prof. Reddy explained how the HIV/AIDS infected persons suffer from stigma, discrimination and social exclusion.

The disease impacts the relations at the social and family level in addition to the household financial condition, observed Prof. Reddy. Further, he mentioned the prejudices that exist against the victims of this disease and stated that the other parameters, such as economic, educational backgrounds are responsible for exclusion and referred to some real situations of a student in a school suffered discrimination due to contracting of disease in a family. Dr.P.Subba Rao, Director, CSSEIP welcomed the Chief Guest, speakers and other participants. He outlined the aim of the and stated that HIV/AIDS is a serious health condition which causes severe damage to the human immune system.

Dr.S.Chandra Reddy, Senior Medical Officer, ART Centre, Government Chest Hospital, Visakhapatnam mentioned that AIDS is the final stage of HIV and that the Government
is taking various measures to eradicate the disease by 2030, and that 1100 Suraksha Clinics are offering different kinds of services for the infected persons. He stated that the State Aids Control Societies that were formed were doing tremendous service in reaching the infected; there is an increase in extending counseling, testing and medical facilities for the affected patients, He further stated that the services of ART Centers have been extended in almost all the regions across the country and stated that the Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHWAs) are brought under Aarogysri scheme.

Prof.K.R.Rama Mohan, Head, Department of Anthropology and Dean, School of Human Sciences, Central University of Sikkim, Gangtok, in his address that the HIV/AIDS is the most studied subject across the world and much expertise has come in to address this public health issue. He mentioned that although today the disease appears to be
manageable by extending the victims’ lives; it is still threatening the society. He called on all the members of the society to introspect and to give some social space for the PLHWAs to access the various entitlements, particularly health, education, employment to live with human dignity enjoying all basic human freedoms. He further underlined for social transformation of PLHWAs accepting all these people in the society.

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