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Yendada park sees good number of visitors


The Yendada park has become a hub for the children, senior citizens as well as fitness enthusiasts. From the past few years, the water body near the Yendada junction was neglected and gradually turned into a dumping ground. However, in view of the people residing in the area, environmentalists and the local people had requested the civic authorities for the need to conserve the area surrounding the big water body.

The restoration works were taken up by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). The area around the water body which is spread over two acres of land has been developed into a walking track and provision for people to sit and relax has also been made.

“We have also taken measures to protect the plantations and the water body. The pathway lights around the park have also been installed recently and provisions for dustbins has been given to make sure that the park is well-maintained,” stated an official from GVMC.

One of the environmentalist, said, “Since 2008, I have been putting forward proposals to conserve the water body which was being turned into a dumping ground due to rapid urbanisation. The park is now being utilised by the people and awareness is being spread among people on the conservation of such parks.”

E Santosh, a college student, said, “There was no place in the entire colony where people could relax and spend some free time. It has become a hot spot for the college students to get together and spend some time.” However, he added, “There are no sign boards in the entire park. Information boards on the biodiversity in the park will help people to be aware of the flora and fauna.”

Narasimha Rao, a senior citizen, expressed, “After many years, we have got a place to walk and relax. There are many people who use the walking track both in the morning and evening.” “To avoid mosquito breeding, the weeds in the park must be cleared on a regular basis. Also, there is a need to provide some form of shelter on the benches so that people can relax,” added Narasimha.

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