Yoga and Ayurvedic Expert Dr Rajpal opines that maintaining a healthy mental state is the need of the hour


The present pandemic situation has brought normal life to a grinding halt. While a few people have lost their loved ones, there are other who have lost their jobs or business. Hence, this has taken a psychological and biological toll as well, leading to depression, anxiety disorders, increased somatic symptoms, such as fatigue or headaches, and higher rates of medical illness.

In a talk with Hello Vizag, Dr Rajpal who runs an ayurvedic clinic called Sagar Arogyam in Sagar district of MP, says that regular routine and life style is a must for maintaining physical and mental health.

Health practitioners across the country have been relentlessly working to spread awareness on boosting immunity of individuals to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Similarly, Ayurveda also has its own remedies to boost immunity like Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Mulethi, etc. Precautionary measures like social distancing, face masks, washing hands, home isolation are also being done. But what about Mental Health, asks Dr Rajpal? Mental health of individuals has been affected and the need of the hour is to balance mental health.

“There is so much negativity all around; from social media to the news making rounds. This has instilled fear and panic among people during the pandemic which has led to increase in mental health problems. Every day, we get to hear about many cases and incidents of depression, home violence, and suicides. Hence a few activities should be a part of one’s routine so that the mind is occupied and healthy,” stated Dr Rajpal.

One simple routine for balancing mental and physical health is; 20-30 minutes physical work out (running/ jogging/ walking, etc), 10-15 minutes of simple pranayama’s, 10-15 minutes meditation, and 5 minutes relaxation/ yoga nidra/ shavasan. For meditation one can use any technique like Raj Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Isha Yoga, Kriya yoga, etc,” added the yoga expert.

Many psychologists are of the opinion that Counselling is the need of the hour. Dr Rajpal suggests that one should talk to near ones- family and friends. For some people, Gardening,
Plantation, Seed balls making, Music, Art, Painting, Dancing, Writing, etc, helps in various ways. These kinds of activities are a great booster and adds positivity to one’s life, opines Dr Rajpal.

“I have run a drive called #Selfiwithseedballs. Many people loved it and made seed balls and felt relaxed. These things give you positive energy and as the plants grow, our positive energy increases and our thinking towards facing life changes to positive,” added Dr Rajpal.

Hailing from Sagar district, Dr Rajpal has worked in RD Memorial Ayurvedic college and hospital in Bhopal, Patanjali Arogya Kendra Bhopal and Sahaj Yoga healing and research centre Bhopal. He then shifted to Sagar district and joined Sagarshree super speciality hospital and started to take
Yoga classes there. He then went on to start his Ayurveda clinic – Sagar Arogyam in MP.

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