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Yoga and panchakarma expert, Dr. Vivek Upadhyay shares a few tips to keep your eyes healthy


During the period of lockdown, the usage of smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc have gone up, both among the young and old. From online classes, meetings to watching movies and gaming, most of us have been hooked to gadgets, thanks to the Pandemic. So, maintaining healthy eyes is the most important criterion and the need is to protect them.

While one of the best ways to take care of your eyes is to wash them with water, it is imperative to load up on healthy foods to ensure a healthy pair of eyes. Ayurveda is known to consider food just as powerful as medicine. Dr. Vivek Upadhyay, General physician in Patanjali, Indore, MP shares a few tips for maintaining healthy eyes.

1. Amla: Amla has one of the most important antioxidants called vitamin C. It not only helps boost immunity but also strengthens your eyesight.

2. Spinach: Spinach or Palak is one such leafy vegetable that is known to replenish the body with antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C along with iron and calcium.

3. Milk: Milk is a good source of riboflavin that is known to cut the risk of developing cataracts. It is also fortified with vitamin A, one of the best nutrients for maintaining eye health.

4. Carrots: Carrots come packed with beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A, a nutrient that is good for eye health.

5. Citrus fruits: Oranges, lemon are rich in vitamin B-12 and beta-carotene that helps you maintain eyesight.

6. Almonds: Almonds are generally good for health. They contain Vitamin E that guards against unstable molecules that target healthy tissue.

Yoga and Panchkarma expert, Dr. Vivek, said, “The 20-20-20 rule works best. Every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds.”

“A few other tips include the application of rose water, drinking carrot juice every day, consuming Papaya and other citrus fruits. Practicing Brahmari pranayama in the morning and rubbing your hands and keeping them on eyes is helpful to maintain healthy eyes,” concluded Dr. Vivek.

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