Yoga expert N J Reddy shares a few points on boosting immunity

Yoga expert N J Reddy shares a few points on boosting immunity

The present pandemic situation has demanded every individual to have a good immunity to serve as a perfect self-defence. Founder of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV), N J Reddy, Veteran Wing Commander IAF, shares a few important points on boosting immunity with Hello Vizag.

Using Yoga Prana Vidya, which is an integrated holistic approach and complementary to other healing modalities, we can strengthen the immune system in various ways. These are some natural and simple techniques:

1. Physical Exercises: Most important is simple physical exercises. Physical exercises, for even few minutes every day increases the circulation and strengthens the immune system. For example, walking for an hour helps in overall improvement of the body.

2. Breathing Exercise: The other important simple technique is the rhythmic deep abdominal breathing, also known as Rhythmic Yogic Breathing (RYB). This breathing exercise increases the utilization of the lung capacity by three to four times. Which means oxygenation of blood and de-toxification of blood is enhanced by three to four times.

3. Diet: Third natural method is connected with diet. Fruit diet is the best diet. Fruits are like pre-cooked and mostly pre-digested. Thus, they do not need much energy for digestion. They have bio or life energy, apart from natural nutrients and vitamins, which are not available in cooked food.

4. Super Brain Asana: Apart from the above, Super Brain Asana upgrades the brain; balances Intuitive and Mental intelligence; brings brain waves to Alpha state (stress free state) and strengthens the physical body if practiced regularly. A peaceful and emotionally balanced condition also enhances the immune system.

5. Forgiveness: Forgiveness is therapeutic. It is therefore a smart thing to do. Therefore, by the practice of Forgiveness Sadhana regularly, one can become stronger and stronger emotionally and mentally.

People can get more information on self practices through an app- YPV Sadhana. One can download it for free from app store or play store and use it. Clear instructions and benefits are mentioned in the app along with guided audio tracks.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Facebook live sessions at: are being conducted. The timings are; Morning 7.15 AM, Afternoon: 1 PM, Evening 6.30 PM. Also, guided healing programmes are also being provided on facebook.

N Jayachander Reddy was born and brought up in Hyderabad. He studied in Hyderabad and completed his BE in Electronics and Communications from Osmania University. And, he did his M-tech in FIBER optics from IIT Delhi. Then he moved on to serve the nation through Indian Airforce for 21 years. N J Reddy grew up to the ranks to Wing Cdr. After retiring from the services, he worked as a Professor in an Engineering College for few years and later as a mentor in a Telecom company.

He started involving in the field of Yoga Prana Vidya with his spiritual teacher when he was in the Indian Air force. He has systematically integrated the ancient spiritual knowledge and the various energy healing methods into the present form of YPV which has been adopted by many organizations in India. He has healed many people and many critical cases in his tenure in Ladakh, where people sometimes could not get help in medical emergencies. He has established various organizations all over India that promote YPV. He has empowered many trainers and developed fantastic healers all over the world. He has been spreading these priceless teachings on peace, forgiveness, health and promoting YPV techniques for over 26 years.

Presently he heads the YPV organizations in India and also the YPV Ashram at Thally, in Tamilnadu. He is a true stand out in this field of PRANA due to his knowledge and extensive experience in this field. He has a vision and mission of his Spiritual Teacher that there should be one healer per family which would bring heaven in family and hence heaven on earth.


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  1. Very nice article – truly addressing the need of the time. I am lucky enough to be associated to Shri N J Reddy since last few years and my life and I must say I have witnessed numerous patients getting healed amazingly fast with help of YPV (Yoga Prana Vidya) healing.

    This integrated holistic approach covers all aspects for physical, emotional and mental well being, highly recommended to everyone reading.

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