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You Cannot Miss Watching India’s First Virtual Audio Short Film

You Cannot Miss Watching India's First Virtual Audio Short Film

YouTube is probably the main source of entertainment for many of us. But what we all might be watching on YouTube is some sort of regular, boring stuff just to pass our time. We will always be looking for some creative stuff, new suggestions. So here we present to one of the really cool short film. It is definitely worth watching. This is India’s first ever virtual audio short film. How can you miss this really creative stuff. So, bring a special feature to bring this amazing talent to your notice.

Dialogue In The Dark

Starring : Teja Sajja, Chandini Chowdary
Written and Directed by Prasanth Varma
Produced by Adsville (
Line Producer : Venkat Kumar
Co-Director : Anu K Reddy
Background Score and Virtual Audio : Mark K Robin
Original Song : Shravan
Art : Moshe Dayan
Lyrics : Krishna Kanth
Vocals : SaiKrishna
Sound Effects : EthiRaaj

About The Director

This is the second short film of Prashanth Varma who is from Telangana, India. His earlier work is Telugu short film Silent Melody which is a feel good love story. He came up with an amazing concept in this short film which is also another Telugu short film. It is a feel good

love story.

Prashanth Varma is one such an young talented director who came up with an amazing concept and made India’s first virtual audio short film. He even released his first ever feature film AWE! in Telugu. It also received quite a good response from the public and the critics as well. It can be said that his short film the dialogue in the dark is the mini sample version of the talent that he displayed in his movie AWE! Leaving the movie aside, let us now know a bit about the short film.

About The Short Film

This short film which is like we said many times earlier is India’s first virtual audio short film released in 2016 that is approximately 2 years back. You might be thinking that why you haven’t came across it until now. It is because it is a regional language short film. But it is a different concept and as we think it deserves the attention of everyone, we made a special feature here. Don’t worry, it has got sub titles, so you will be able to understand even though the dialogues goes in Telugu.

The concept of this short film actually came from a real life restaurant with the same name Dialogue in the dark. It is restaurant where there will be no lights and the food is served in the dark. There are these restaurants in various places across the world.

The short film is about a couple who is meeting for the first time. They chose to meet at this dark restaurant and what happens at the end, when he confesses his love to the girl and reveals a secret about him is what you should look forward to in the short film.

Don’t forget to plug in your ear phones for watching this short film, actually listening to this short film. It has no video. Just dig into it and you will definitely love it.

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