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“Youngsters need to be encouraged to donate blood,” shares director of blood bank


LifeShare Blood Bank is a unit of VKR Trust, Gannavaram. In line with the legacy of Sri Vemulapalli Kodanda Ramaiah Garu to change lives for needy people to provide education and health to benefit the economically weaker section in rural Andhra Pradesh.

His successors came up with Life Share Blood Bank under health benefit. Life Share blood bank was established during 2017 in Visakhapatnam and thereafter another branch was set up in Vijayawada in March 2020.

Dr Sumana, director of Life Share blood bank shares more on the services of the blood bank.

-> Life Share blood bank was set up to ensure to provide quality blood components at an affordable cost-to-cost basis.

-> Life Share blood bank is a non-profit organisation. Our vision is purely for the benefit of economically weaker sections.

-> We are offering 30% free to the poor and needy. Apart from this we are helping tribal people on the request of Project Officer, Paderu and we are also providing blood components lesser than the govt fixed tariff for cancer, dialysis and aarogyasri patients.

-> The availability of blood is the most critical factor during medical emergencies. Despite government intervention, a large gap continues to exist between demand and supply of safe blood.

-> Life Share blood bank has been doing services by organising blood donation camps and creating awareness about the need.

-> We give counselling for Pre and Post donation care to blood donors.

Advantages of Blood Donation:

1. Beneficial for the human heart
2. Reduces Cancer risk
3. Boosts the production of red blood cells
4. Lowers Cholesterol level
5. Helps in weight loss
6. Replenishes blood
7. Aids in fighting haemochromatosis
8. Makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated
9. Donors automatically warned of serious illness

LifeShare Blood Bank has world class advanced automated equipment to enhance the quality of blood products. They have two cell separators. Life Share blood bank has been
equipped with fully automated blood grouping, cross matching and viral screening machines. They also ensure the safety of blood donors and safety procedures during the
blood donation process.

Sub Group level identification or any cross-matching discrepancies due to antibody interference will be identified and sensitivity of the screening test will be
enhanced by these advanced techniques.

“We have a sterile connecting device to issue a split bag (50ml) for neonatal for ensuring safety transfusion. We are giving our services in this pandemic situation also and encouraging voluntary donations by taking precautions as per WHO guidelines,” added the director who conveyed her gratitude to all volunteers and donors.

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