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Youth, police help patients and dead


At a time when the family members and neighbours are hesitant to help their aged family members in getting hospital beds or cremating them, a couple of youngsters in remote villages of Srikakulam district are doing both the services risking their lives and at times spending their own money.

Recently, three youths wearing PPE kits performed the last rites of a woman who succumbed to Covid-19 in Umilada panchayats under Srikakulam. The family members of the deceased expressed their inability as they were also seriously infected. Gangalla Gurumurthy, Kaviri Rama Rao and Landa Ammoru bought PPE kits and performed the last rites. Earlier, four youths did the same in Vajrapukotturu when the body awaited cremation.

Not only the youth, the police personnel are also cremating bodies, risking their lives. In Gurla mandal of Vizianagaram, police personnel performed the last rites of 70-year-old Lakshmana Rao who was found under a tree.

In another incident, a 45-year-old man died in a hospital with suspected symptoms of the Covid-19 in Srikakulam and the police with the support of the Red Cross organization shifted the body and performed the last rites. In Rajam, a local television channel reporter Vaddadi Rajesh came forward to help shift a body to a crematorium.

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