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“YSR Jagananna Sasvatha Bhoo Hakku — Bhoo Raksha Pathakam”


In what can be said as a good step in the right direction, the state government is coming out with a novel scheme which will make it possible for people to register properties at the village/ward secretaries under “YSR Jagananna Sasvatha Bhoo Hakku — Bhoo Raksha Pathakam”.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that once the completion of the land survey along with digitized mapping, facilities would be provided at the village/ward secretariats to register properties/titles. He said, his government has initiated a number of revolutionary changes in the land survey, starting a comprehensive survey covering 1.26 lakh sq km and 17, 460 villages.

In the first phase, 5,000 villages would be covered, 6,500 villages would be covered in the second phase, and 5,500 in the third phase. And in the cities, 3,345.93 sq km would be covered, which would cover 10 lakh plots, 40 lakh assignment lands. Also, the survey would also cover 2.26 crore acres and 90 lakh pattadar lands.

He also said once the survey is completed, a land titling card, unique identification number, and property measurements would be printed on a card that would have a QR code. Afterward, the digitized cadastral card would be made. Also, details of every village would be included in the maps. At every village/ward secretariat, a digitized property register, title register would placed for ease of the general public for checking the genuineness and reduce manipulations. Also, trained teams in the usage of drones, data processing, and re-survey will be deployed at every Mandal headquarters.

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